Roulette  Roulette is available in several variations at many online casinos. Each version of the game involves a table with a selection of betting options printed on it. These are usually displayed on a green sloth background. The roulette wheel shows all the numbers involved in the game and those excitedly making their selections sometimes have a system , superstition or luck as way of making their selection.

A small ball is then spun in the opposite direction to the wheel spin. It then stops on a number. All winning bets are then paid out, with the house retaining all losing bets. Of course with online roulette the principle is the same just with a virtual environment in place of the physical.

American roulette has a single zero and double zero occupying two spaces of the wheel. This means the house edge is higher at 5.26%.

European roulette is more attractive as it does not have the double zero in play. This reduces the house edge to 2.7%. There are two versions of European roulette – one with a standard table and another with a racetrack. The latter includes additional bets such as orphelins.

French roulette is another option, offering the opportunity to receive half your losing bet if you are incorrect at guessing an even chance bet.  If you guess odd and the ball falls on even, 50% of your bet would be returned. Big win online casino options are available for all, and the thrill of roulette is something we’re likely all familiar with.

Many online casinos offer standard roulette games, with some adding live roulette to the mix as well. Roulette lovers and spoilt for choice!

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