The French Reelvolution Slot by 888 Gaming

The French Reelvolution Slot by 888 Gaming  Introduction

In order to create The French ‘Reelvolution’ video slot, software provider 888 turned to the history books. With Napoleon Bonaparte performing plenty of on-screen antics throughout The French Revolution, you’re sure to be entertained. The reels are presented in a cartoony, bobble-head-style with Napoleon Bonaparte shown eating cheese, drinking wine, and firing cannons against the iconic Tuileries Palace. In terms of slot games, this is quite a fresh concept.

This slot has five reels and 20 paylines, so if you’re looking for something simple, it’s a good choice. The most valuable symbol in this game is Napoleon Bonaparte himself. You can win 500 coins if you hit five of him at maximum bet. There is also a max bet of 200.00 available, so daring bettors can aim for high stakes on this video slot.

A Low volatility means that this video slot game does pay out frequently, but those wins won’t be anything too spectacular.


A Guillotine Reel and a Cannon Bombardment feature in The French Revolution provide you with a potential chance of winning big. As part of the base game, you can access the Guillotine Reels feature.

It is possible that a guillotine will fall from the top of the reel when one reel has high-paying symbols stacked on it. Three of those symbols will be replaced with other symbols, resulting in a bigger payout.

In the free spins round, which is triggered when three scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Cannon Bombardment can occur randomly. During your free spin rounds, Napoleon prepares his cannon and will fire a few shots if he feels like it. The Napoleon symbol, which pays out the highest, can also be substituted, along with up to 15 lower-paying symbols.

Halloween Jackpot by Belatra Games

Halloween Jackpot by Belatra Games  Halloween Jackpot is a 5-line and 3-reel slot from Belatra Games. As part of the game, players can double cards with the dealer, play a risk game, and win a jackpot.

Spooky Theme

The Halloween Jackpot slot encapsulates the spooky season beautifully. The game takes place in a spooky graveyard surrounded by mist. Three stone coffins hold the reels, which makes them unique. Another great touch is the spin button that looks like a green zombie hand reaching up from the ground.

Animated elements include spiders on the coffins and flecks of light floating in the air. The reels feature candles, bats, ghosts, sweets, and cauldrons, as well as other symbols reflecting the theme.

Halloween Jackpot Slot Bonus Features

Card Double

By choosing a higher card than the dealer, you can double any win you land. Your prize is doubled if you win. This can be done up to five times. You lose your winnings when you lose the game.

Risk Game

In this bonus card game, you must guess whether the next card will be red or black in five rounds. Continuing to guess correctly could win you 100,000 coins.

Jackpot Bonus

As this is a jackpot slot, players can enjoy a jackpot bonus. When nine matching symbols appear on the reels, you will multiply your winnings. The wheel of luck will be triggered, and your bets will be multiplied by 1 to 20x. In addition, 153,000 coins could be yours if you win the grand prize.


The multipliers on offer along with the jackpot make sure players can win big even though there are no special symbols. The RTP is a little lower than many other slot machines as it is 93.87%, but that’s not to say you can’t still bag a decent jackpot.

Blackjack Common Varying Rules

Blackjack Common Varying Rules

The most desirable aspect of blackjack is the simplicity of its rules. However, it’s important to note that despite various variants in the different types of blackjack, specific elements and regulations of the game could also vary from one casino to the other. For instance, while one casino may use eight decks, the other might use four decks.

Let loose and have a blast playing blackjack NetBet online slots. Classic themed slot machines include a sportsbook, casino roulette, slots, video poker and instant games. No complex signups to get in your way. Also you might visit a casino where the dealer is supposed to hit, whereas, in the other, the dealer is required to stand on soft 17. It is therefore vital to have an idea of the variations in rules before proceeding to play.

In addition, rule variation can impact what you do in certain situations and thus affect the strategy you plan to deploy. However, it is essential to know that these variations do not affect the way the game is played. Familiarising yourself with the variations in the rules does not hurt but instead gives you an upper hand to switch strategies effectively.

First of all, we discuss the rules that vary between the blackjack’s variants and at different casinos such as The first rule is the number of decks. A lot of blackjack variants make use of multiple decks, which varies from two to eight. Even though the single deck blackjack exists, it is not offered in many casinos because it has a low house edge, making counting cards easier. House edge increases with the number of decks as long as other rules remain the same.

Another rule that varies typically is the dealer’s soft 17. Usually, a dealer ought to stand when they have a soft 17. However, in some variants of the blackjack, they are at liberty to hit past that. Although by a mere 0.2% the house edge is increased for the latter.

The third rule is the Doubling rule. Some variants limit the doubling of players to only one hand, thus disadvantaging the player as this eliminates excellent chances to double. House edge can be increased as much as 0.18% depending on the restriction placed on when the player can fold. This is then compared to when a player can double with any hand that is starting hand.

Doubling after Split is also one of the rules that generally vary. In some games, a player is allowed to double after splitting; however, this is not allowed in other variants of the game. Being allowed to double after splitting is an added advantage to the player, and thus they cannot the house edge is increased by roughly 0.15%.

Resplitting is a rule that is not allowed in all variants of the blackjack game. Resplitting after a split can be very advantageous to a player in the right and most suitable time; thus, if Resplitting is not allowed, the house edge increases by approximately 0.1%.

The following rule is surrendering. This is where a player decides to lose their hand at the cost of their halved stake after a deal. However, this is usually the most sensible thing to do in a limited number of situations. Hence the advantage offered by this rule to a player is minimal, and thus house edge is still impacted. The effect depends typically on the different guidelines on the various circumstances in which a player can surrender.

Dealer pick is a situation where the dealer confirms for blackjack whether their exposed card is either an ace or a ten. If it is confirmed that it is blackjack, then the hand ends. This rule gives the player an upper hand. It is sometimes more favourable to double or maybe split against a ten or an ace. However, these will permanently lose if the dealer possesses a blackjack. If the player finds out beforehand that the dealer has a blackjack, he is prevented from incurring losses. This rule has an impact on the house edge, reducing it by 0.1%.

The last rule that typically varies is the payout for a blackjack. In some casinos, the management minimizes payout for the blackjack player. However, this is very rare, and it is only performed in blackjack games, mostly when most of the rules favour the player. The house edge will be increased by over 1% if a reduced payout of 6:5 is deployed.


Blackjack  Blackjack is an easy card game to understand. Your challenge is to beat the dealer at each hand. The aim is to achieve a hand of cards that totals 21. If you do this, you are said to have blackjack.

However, you do not need to hit the magic 21 to win the hand. All you need to do is to get a total that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand… without going over. If your total is 22 or more, you go bust. Similarly, if the dealer’s total is over 21, they go bust.

Live online casinos may have several players at the same table. However, their progress is independent of yours. Your only aim is to beat the dealer’s hand to win a prize. It doesn’t matter what other participants do.

Once you have made a bet, the dealing begins. Each player receives a face-up card, while the dealer receives a face-down card. The process then continues with one more card dealt to each player. This time, the dealer gets a face-up card.

All numbered cards count as those numbers, while the ace can be a one or 11. Picture cards are worth 10 each. You must decide whether to ask for another card (at the risk of going bust), or sticking with what you have.