The Beatles in Vegas

The Beatles in Vegas  Even in 2020 The Beatles hold unwavering and legendary status in the eyes of the general public, which hit movies using their music such as the recent Danny Boyle directed Yesterday starring Dev Patel. With this being the case just think of how they were perceived at the height of their popularity in the 60s during the era which has now become known as Beatle Mania.

in 1964 the The Sahara Hotel & Casino would be the crashpad for the Beatles and predictably as word got out it was surrounded by thousands of adoring fans all issuing chants and hoping to get a glimpse of their idols. They crept in through the back entrance and the following day would play to 11,000 screaming fans in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Let’s not forget that Vegas was already home to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr but the response to the Beatles eclipsed all of this. Prior to their only two Vegas shows The Sahara Hotel was good / pr aware enough  to bring up a selection of slot machines for the Fab Four to try out and in the process created a photo-op (as seen in the above image) that would be seen all around the world.

It’s thought that a combination of a substandard sound system and screaming fans made the show all but inaudible to those there. That hasn’t stopped being part of the rich history of the Beatles though. Their sole visit will go down as one of the most memorable in the ruch history of Las Vegas performances.

Las Vegas – How It Made Its Name

Las Vegas - How It Made Its Name  There can’t be a gambler on the planet who is unaware of the gambling mecca (or behemoth depending on your perspective) that is Las Vegas. And that’s for good reason, as over a period of decades a Nevada desert expanse has transformed into a centre of offline gambling, live shows and sporting (primarily boxing) excellence. The transformation was far from an overnight occurrence, and multiple ingredients of both planning and entertainment led to Vegas becoming what it is today, where it sits alongside real money online slots usa options.

Las Vegas as a city came into being in 1905 as result of 110 acres of land being auctions off by a railway company. Essentials liked piped water were put in place as well as the hoover dam in 1930. Illegal gambling would eventually take place in Vegas, but it was legalised on a local level in 1931 and soon Freemont Street gradually became what it is today starting with the Las Vegas Club and the Hotel Apache. The more high end casino and hotel aspects of Vegas were in part due to mob money, though over time the legal Sheriff did manage to reign that in a little.

Before long the likes of the now iconic (though not all now still standing) Sahara, the Sands, the Showboat, The Riviera, The Fremont were part of the Vegas landscape. Legal scrutiny led to Vegas cleaning up its act a little and becoming more above board in its gambling practices.

The rat pack would then go on to play an important role in elevating Las Vegas to the gambling and entertainment hub it would eventually become. The rat pack was a loose term used for a group of A-list celebrities (both actors and musicians) who joined forces in several Vegas based entertainment endevours (concerts, movies etc). The head of the pack if you will was Frank Sinatra, and other the years other members included the likes of  Dean Martin , Marilym Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr. Later Elvis would hold a residency, in a template that is copied to this day by musical artists such as Elton John and Lady Gaga. The fact that the leading names of the day were on the Vegas scene, massively increases tourism and hence gambling. Nowdays, the best australia online casino sites may be the place to go in that locality, but back then if you were American, Vegas was the only place to be.

Another component of how Vegas reached its level of worldwide recognition is the fact that its hosted for of the most memorable  boxing bouts in the sports history. Using some of Vegas’  iconic hotels + casinos (such as Caesars Palace and the MGM) to host boxing matches propelled both sport and Vegas to new heights. Of course since that time these and other mega resorts like the Bellagio make Vegas what it is today.

Online Bingo Games: A Guide Into A Top Casino Game

Online Bingo Games: A Guide Into A Top Casino Game  An online Bingo is a game of chance that involves the caller choosing numbers that are marked off. The player must accurately match up the numbered squares on the cards that are chosen randomly by the caller. The aim of the game is to be the first player to mark off every number on the card and also match all 5 squares in a row or set.

An online Bingo is basically the same as the traditional one, but the former just ensures that you get to play at the comfort of your home. Online Bingo is one of the most intriguing card games players can enjoy on the internet. As a result, this article is written to provide deep insights into everything you must know about online Bingo and help you make informed decisions.

How do you play an online Bingo game?

Before playing a Bingo game, players must be acquainted with how the game works. This game involves playing with a card that consists of 5 columns that have 5 squares each. Each square has a number except for the middle squares, which are often called “free” spaces. The objective of the game is to carefully listen to the numbers that are called out on the card. The first player to attain a preset pattern of the marked number will be the winner.

The columns have the numbers B, I, N, G, O, and each letter represents a range of numbers, which are given as follows:

B: consists of numbers 1 to 15

I: consists of numbers 16 to 30

N: consists of numbers 31 to 45

G: consists of numbers 46 to 60

O: consists of numbers 61 to 75

Tips and strategies for online Bingo

There are no “correct” strategies for playing online Bingo since it is purely a game of chance. Therefore, there is simply nothing much you can do to enhance your odds of winning. Yet, there are certain tips that, when you understand and follow, you will surely enjoy your game better. Some of these are introduced as follows:

Be sure of the site security and perks

This is one of the most important things you must look out for and can’t be stressed enough. Ensure that you do thorough research on the site you want to put your money into before joining. Besides this, another thing the site must offer is transparency and game fairness. In fact, several casinos offer great bonuses, many of which require specific codes on

Set a budget and adhere to it

This is purely a game of luck and makes sure that you have a predetermined budget, which you must stick to. Avoid chasing your losses whenever lady luck is not smiling at you. Bet according to your budget.

Ensure that you pick the right time to play

For some, the weekend may be the best time for them to enjoy their games. Yet, for others, it could be during the week. If you prefer playing at unusual times, you will have a better chance of winning since there will likely be fewer people playing at that time.

Pick the right game that limits the number of cards people play during a round

This will help you avoid joining games that involve high-roller players that can easily play over a hundred cards at a time. If you are a beginner, you must learn how to start simple.

How to tell if the game is fair

The only way to ensure this is to do proper research before joining a platform. Licensing is one of the ways that ensure that players are not only protected from spurious gambling sites but game fairness is encouraged. Several authorities are charged with issuing a license of operation to verified sites. Some of these include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and many more.

Once you visit your preferred casino site, just look out for the seal of license at the foot of the site’s home page. As long as the site is properly regulated, then you have nothing to worry about. Besides this, you can also check for reviews from people with experience of visiting the gambling site you wish to spend your money at.

How to play online Bingo for real money

Online Bingo is designed with some nice features, including auto-daub, which can automatically mark off numbers to ensure that you don’t, by mistake, miss one. Winning is a good possibility when you play bingo for real money. So, if you are a beginner, you should consider playing bingo for free before playing for real money. This will help you hone your skills.

Final Verdict

Online Bingoshave gathered so much praise and recognition from punters across the globe. However, we can all agree that there is always a higher chance of enjoying anything we understand well – online bingo is no different. Once you can get a grasp on this interesting game, then having a good gaming experience should be easy!

Boxing in Las Vegas

Boxing in Las Vegas  Sport is big business and so really it was a natural fit for Las Vegas to become home and host to some of the most iconic sporting events there has been. While interestingly Vegas didn’t have a pro sports team until the NFLs Raiders move in 2020, baseball and the like have long since been a feature of the local area. NASCAR and hockey are also present in the area too. It’s boxing in Las Vegas though that has delivered us many a moment that still lives long in the memory, and match-ups featuring some of the best boxers of all time, such as Muhammad Ali and Marvin Hagler. Of course in todays’ online environment we get casino sites like and sport betting for our sports and betting fix. So these themes and exciting showpiece events are as exciting for the public as ever.

In fact if we go through the decades there are title fights and rivalries that are remembered to this day. Who can forget Gerry Cooney vs. Larry Holmes in 1982; Thomas Hearns vs. Marvin Hagler in 1985; Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2015.

In the late 40s to 50’s boxing became big on TV screens across the nation, with boxing shows reaching many millions of Americans. This all took place courtesy of Friday fights at Madison Square Garden, New York. Ironically though, the national spotlight snuffed out boxing on a local level and for a time the sport fell out of favour.

Boxing’s fresh start came in Las Vegas. Home to the rat pack and various live shows, Vegas already had a feel to it that was a good fit for big time boxing. Light heavyweight Archie Moore was to take on Nino Valdes for the chance of a title fight against Rocky Marciano and though not a roaring success it was the beginnings of what would eventually be.

In 1960 the Las Vegas Convention Center opened and it was the perfect setting for live sport. Before long it was in full flow with memorable encounters such as Sonny Liston’s rematch with Floyd Patterson taking place there. It wasn’t until the 70s though when Caesar’s Palace began hosting bouts that interest reached its height. George Foreman took on Ron Lyle, and it was named fight of the year and the rest is history!

It was 1980, when Don King brought us a fight between Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes that the crowds and cash went to the next level. The event followed by Sugar Ray Leonard drawing in a 23,000 crowd when he took on Tommy Hearns, cemented in place the idea of Vegas (and venues such as MGM Grand – which hosted multiple Mike Tyson fights – in addition to Caesars) as the premier setting for boxing and this has remained the case to this day. Fast forward to today and we have real money online roulette and live sport spreaming, so whether you’re a bricks and mortar of virtual guy, getting involved in the latest big event is easy.