Blackjack  Blackjack is an easy card game to understand. Your challenge is to beat the dealer at each hand. The aim is to achieve a hand of cards that totals 21. If you do this, you are said to have blackjack.

However, you do not need to hit the magic 21 to win the hand. All you need to do is to get a total that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand… without going over. If your total is 22 or more, you go bust. Similarly, if the dealer’s total is over 21, they go bust. As usual with casino games there are online blackjack real money options and bricks and mortar venues too.

Live online casinos may have several players at the same table. However, their progress is independent of yours. Your only aim is to beat the dealer’s hand to win a prize. It doesn’t matter what other participants do.

Once you have made a bet, the dealing begins. Each player receives a face-up card, while the dealer receives a face-down card. The process then continues with one more card dealt to each player. This time, the dealer gets a face-up card. Casinos en ligne france and worldside offer this popular game.

All numbered cards count as those numbers, while the ace can be a one or 11. Picture cards are worth 10 each. You must decide whether to ask for another card (at the risk of going bust), or sticking with what you have.

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